Flash VollaPhone with /e/

i have bought one gs290 already flashed with /e/ and i am very happy with it.
i have a volla phone and wanted to flash that with /e/
i have downloaded easy installer on my linux laptop (elementary) and tried to flash it.
installer said: volla_phone not supported yet.
i have checked and was still on android 9, so i did update to latest vollaos which is based on android 10, but easy installer still refuses to flash.
so can i do it manually from cli with fastboot ?
and if yes, where can i find the documentation / images ?
Thanks !

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It seems that the volla phone is not supported right now. See Smartphone Selector

Oh, is your “volla” phone also a GS290? Maybe the instructions here Install /e/ on a Gigaset GS290 - “GS290” will work for you

yes the volla phone is a gs290, they just do not say that loud :slight_smile:
so it should work …
oh yeah, the link you did provide was what i was looking for thanks !
so lets go and brick a phone :smiley:

Hi, VollaPhone is definitily the same hardware than GS290.
It is some sort of hybris of the VollaProject to tell that it is not. How many phones can be sold via the VollaProject? Not that much to have a significant change in the hardware design. Ah, yes it was proposed to have a larger battery. The fact is, the first phones were with the standard battery (by accident). You can compare the hardware details provided via adb. And you will find no major delta.
If I were in your shoes again, I would

  1. flash the phone first manually with android 10.
  2. apply all updates with android 10
  3. install /e/ manually → You will end up with the dev-version.
  4. Install /e/ again with easy installer → You will end up with the stable-version.
    Just follow the documentations.
    Good luck, I came originally from Ubuntu Touch.
    Cheers & good luck.

Thanks !
i am on /e/ now.
however easy installer still complains, i believe this is cause i did skip step 1 and 2.
when i try to download android 10 image it stopps :frowning:

update: the 3rd download trial finally succeeded :smiley:

update to my question: the g290 did show ota and i did successfully update, but the volla phone flashed as per this thread does not show any updates.

What is its current /e/ - version - build date - gs290 ?

Your Volla phone may not use the same hardware identifier as GS290.
Unless you change that with some very technical and dangerous tools, you may have to update it manually.

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Compared to Volla OS you loose the fm radio app when flashing /e/. The Volla Phone with /e/ is a very, very expensive GS290 with /e/.

g290 shows 0.18-20210827132306
volla phone shows 0.17-2021065117215

my better half did not like volla os and aosp neither, so who cares about the 100 bucks for helloworld guys.

back to topic:
will i need to update her phone manually as phone does not shows any updates ?

I’m afraid so …

You can try to create an issue, maybe /e/ devs could create sort of alias for Volla from GS290.

FWIW, any insight on /e/ being adapted to the latest Volla phones?
They claim some multiboot, quoting Ubuntu and showing even Sailfish, but no mention of /e/ on the (german-only) detailed website…

It (almost certainly) won’t happen unless and until there is a build - official or unofficial - of LineageOS for the phone. Given how new the phone is, I think that is unlikely to happen any time soon.

However, the (English language version) of the website does say that

Volla OS respects your privacy, built on a free open-source, Google-free Android with no dependence on a cloud.


Thank you for this precision!
Not that I need it now, but without /e/ I won’t switch phone.
Thank you again!