Flashed my S7 - Some questions

Hello everyone!

I got my hands on an old S7 with oreo and T-MO DE branding. I flashed the latest Stable version 0.16-n on my device and have some questions:

  1. I recognized stronger battery drainage. Charged the phone to 100% and put it in the drawer for a few days. After switching it on, I lost about 10%. I can’t rule out a bad battery - just being curious.

  2. Setting up my /e/ account didn’t work. Always getting an error about card and CalDAV not being there, sometimes the build-in DAVx5 crashes and gives me an error log. How do I get this off the phone to show you, people?

  3. By flashing the latest stable version, I technically downgraded my phone from oreo to nougat; is that a problem? Usually, phones break when this happens - is my device in danger? If yes, how do I fix that? Should I switch somehow to a 0.17-o DEV build?

Thank you in advance!

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There are Pie OR Q unofficial builds If you prefer.



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