FLOSS doesn't imply security

This article is a really good and interesting read. Rare that I read something from top to bottom.

When I first started reading it brought me to mind of MiXplorer. Probably one of the best file managers out there. Along with its addons (or Silver version with addons baked in) makes it ideal as the core of a minimal ROM setup.
The fact that it is not open source would have the uninitiated making claims of not being trustworthy or the like. An argument made far too many times over the years for many apps.

But anyway, give it a read. Really nice and informative. No politics, just straight info (mostly).

The right thing for the wrong reasons: FLOSS doesn’t imply security - Seirdy


FOSS notably and importantly however implies an inherent set of freedoms which one should not forget are available to them.
Isn’t that why we choose FOSS?


Yep. That’s pretty much my main reason.

That’s right. FOSS does not impliy security. But privacy do require security and freedom.

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