FM Radio on Gigaset GS290

Short question: The GS290 has a built in FM Radio. Does /e/ support this feature?

Don’t know about GS290, but I got a FM Radio app from /e/ for my Xiaomi Redmi4X.
So /e/ got an app, but I don’t know if :

  • it’s included in GS290 builds
  • it’s compatible with GS290 hardware

I had a look on my GS290 and could not find any native radio support. Checked Apps and instaled a few FM radio apps that looked promising but they all require internet access. Does anyone know if there is a pure FM radio app in Apps?

Nextradio app gave this error when I installed it - “Nextradio wont work on your device the required software is missing”.

It’s a bit strange. My GS290 came also without FM Radio app, but I heard from others they have one. And some days ago I had another GS290 in my hands - with the app and fully working radio. The Volla Phone also comes with the radio app and on the Gigaset website the radio is listed in the specs. As far as I remember the radio was not listed when I bought my device. But perhaps I need new reading glasses. Maybe there are different versions, but this is not documented.

In Stock Android 10 of my Gigaset GS290, the FM-Radio.apk [] is fully functional.

Neither in the /e/ OS ‘Q’ version ‘dev’ or ‘stable’ is an FM–Radio app included.

For testing I pulled original Stock Androdi 10 FM-Radio app version 2.0 via adb and integrated it in /e/ OS ‘Q’ version ‘dev’ as system app.

FM-Radio keeps stopping

The end result is negative:
The FM Radio icon is displayed, but app launch is aborted “FM Radio keeps stopping”.

Maybe are some binaries (driver) are missing if device is not tagged as “radio-capable” at LineageOS ?

As far as I know /e/ devs have forked LineageOS repositories, so maybe they could change that upon a request in /e/ GitLab issue ?

Thanks for pointing this out…an issue has been raised and have asked the dev team to check on it

FYI: An unofficial LineageOS 17.1 with March 5, 2021 security patch level for Gigaset GS290 can do VoLTE but also has no working FM radio.

An analogue FM radio works in Xiaomi Mi A1 “tissot” e-0.15-q- just like LG G3 e-0.15-q-. However, the radios also work in LineageOS 17.1 and LineageOS 17.1-for-microG.

Thanks very much. For me the FM radio is a deal breaker. My BQ Aquaris X with LOS has also one which is working perfectly. But BQ is history. I hope the GS290 will get a working app some day.

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danke für Deinen Hinweis. Nachdem ich mir die Diskussion durchgelesen habe, soweit ich es mit meinen Englischkenntnissen verstehe, bleibt nur abzuwarten, ob irgendwann in “e” eine entsprechende app zur Verfügung gestellt wird.
MfG Rick38