Folder on root cannot be deleted

So I upgraded to Android Q for my Fairphone 3 by wiping the data partition and flashing it. All is smooth, all apps running except 1, which I wanted to restore from my backup, which meant transferring a bunchload of files from my laptop to myphone.

For whatever reason (I had many tries until I could transfer files to the phone, which were broken on many levels) I now have an empty folder called “WhatsApp” in the root of my SD card, which is not deletable. I check the information through the “Storage” menu of “Settings” and it shows me “Supports remove” and “Supports write” set to false, which means I can neither delete it nor put files into it. How can I recover from this situation and change those attributes?

If your phone might be unlocked you could try to boot it using TWRP and remove the folder using TWRP file manager.

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