Folders and my account

Hi, I’m having 2 small problems with folders in the Mail app (with

  1. I can see the “folders” I created if I access my email account on my
    computer from a normal web browser, but I cannot see them using the “Email” app
    on my phone. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a known issue?

  2. I see some of the “standard” folders (not the ones I created), twice in the app;
    once in Italian and once in English: “bozze” and “drafts” (it’s the same thing);
    “cestino” and “trash” (again, same); and “posta inviata” and “sent” (the same).

Have you tried he 3 dots right upper site and than ‘refresh folders’ ??


It solves the first problem, so: thanks !

But not the second one.

Update: issue #2 is a language problem.

If I set my phone’s language to English, the problem disappears and everything is fine.