Footej camera never goes on sleeping mode / samsung s7 heats a lot with fast battery draining

Hi guys,

Several issues here. All with samsung galaxy s7.
I installed /e/ 2 years ago. I like being free from google but several things are working wrong… I am trying to get used to it but sometimes I’d like to give up !

It’s been a while I noticed that if after taking a picture with footej camera I didn’t close it directly, my phone (even in sleep mode) will heat a lot, and my battery will be drained really quickly.

Anybody as this same issue ? It can be annoying when you often forget to close it…

Also because my S7 has already a really low autonomy. My battery is draining really fast (less than a day) even if it is brand new. And I don’t use my phone that much (mainly reading emails and some internet research).

Also, the heating up of the phone doesn’t happen only with footej camera… While I a making a call, the phone is burning (without apps in background). It does the same with some GPS apps…

Is there a link between the battery draining and the heating up ?

I feel that the /e/ system is demanding more performances than the phone could give…

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