For /e/ adoption, think about PIM application which can sync with self hosted groupware



Hi the community,

I think about one killer app which would induce /e/ adoption.
Yes, I think that apps are the first important point for a personnal organizer / smartphone adoption. If the device OS is good at user experience, it is not sufficient. I was a great user of Palm devices, and these were very good at user experience and applications supplied, and more-over the PIM (Personnal Information Management) based (calendar, tasks, contacts, notes, drawings/sketches essentially).

Many years of digging for a smartphone which could replace my old Palms (the last was a Zire with JPilot on my PC for sync/backup/restore), and never found one.

Today I’m using an Android device without google account, getting my apps through F-Droid (I’m a conviced evangelist of opensource culture for being owner of my datas, identity and ideas, sharing what I WANT TO SHARE, and not what profit organizations want me to share).
I have a nextcloud self hosted at home, and have installed davdroid, opentasks, nextcloud notes, and nextcloud files, next to google calendar (which is said to be opensource, but I’ve never checked that, a big risk for my privates datas ?)

This solution is usable but far from being ok ! What I miss here is an integrated (or modular) app which :

  • can manage my calendars (multiples), tasks (hierachical), contacts, notes, drawings (instant note with a sketch / draw), files

  • can natively sync with my nextcloud self hosted (with webdav protocol)

  • can import/export in vcard, vcalendar, plain text or csv/tsv

  • have a good widgets for integration on the home screen of my device for rapidly seing what are my today/week events and tasks



Hi @msu

I am using my nextcloud with the base apps from /e/ and they work fine.
Not flawless, but definitely fine.

You can connect with WebDAV.


Hi @MarcusE1W,

thanks for your reply.
What are the base apps you currently use successfully for these tasks ?
Are all those features I pointed - calendars (multiples), tasks (hierachical), contacts, notes, drawings (instant note with a sketch / draw), files - are correctly managed, with correct widgets display (so everytime in sync with their apps, everytime displaying something) ?

Is webdav managed out of the box, or must a davdroid-like app be installed afterwards ?


/e/ comes with a set of apps preinstalled. The usual suspects really (calendar, contact, files, tasks, notes, mail, etc). Not unlike Android or iOS.
Davdroid or something down that line is installed as well.

Oh, no drawings…
That’s what I called the base apps. As I understand it they are based on popular OSS Android apps…

I would say most of the scenarios you describe should be covered. However probably best to try for yourself. Generally I found the Nextcloud integration quite good.


Hi, as an ex Palm user I had similar struggle and the most important Android apps that help me to stay productive are unfortunately bot opensource: aCalendar 2 (with disabled access to the network via NetGuard to avoid data leaks, sync via Davx5 to Fruux account) and especially Fiinote (with sync via paid account but backup via local ZIP works well with disabled network). Simple Calendar is not that much w orse than aCalendar but the monthly widget needs more love to become usable. All opensource note-taking apps are toys when compared to Palm and Fiinote, with no hot candidate for getting there in a reasonable timeframe. BTW, try Fiinote with Hacker’s Keyboard - ctrl+shift+arrow to select by words, ctrl+c, ctrl+v works like a charm. Task lists via checkbox shortcut (letter V and space at the beginning of line) are magic.


Have you tried Joplin for note-taking? Developed fast, almost there, for me, and usable already.


Joplin: Ugh, yes, I tried and deleted the app after creating the first note - this app has so poor user experience and almost no features. No, this is unfortunately not a competitor to Fiinote or even to much simpler Palm Memo - try Fiinote and you’ll immediately see what I mean.