For /e/ adoption, think about PIM application which can sync with self hosted groupware



Hi the community,

I think about one killer app which would induce /e/ adoption.
Yes, I think that apps are the first important point for a personnal organizer / smartphone adoption. If the device OS is good at user experience, it is not sufficient. I was a great user of Palm devices, and these were very good at user experience and applications supplied, and more-over the PIM (Personnal Information Management) based (calendar, tasks, contacts, notes, drawings/sketches essentially).

Many years of digging for a smartphone which could replace my old Palms (the last was a Zire with JPilot on my PC for sync/backup/restore), and never found one.

Today I’m using an Android device without google account, getting my apps through F-Droid (I’m a conviced evangelist of opensource culture for being owner of my datas, identity and ideas, sharing what I WANT TO SHARE, and not what profit organizations want me to share).
I have a nextcloud self hosted at home, and have installed davdroid, opentasks, nextcloud notes, and nextcloud files, next to google calendar (which is said to be opensource, but I’ve never checked that, a big risk for my privates datas ?)

This solution is usable but far from being ok ! What I miss here is an integrated (or modular) app which :

  • can manage my calendars (multiples), tasks (hierachical), contacts, notes, drawings (instant note with a sketch / draw), files

  • can natively sync with my nextcloud self hosted (with webdav protocol)

  • can import/export in vcard, vcalendar, plain text or csv/tsv

  • have a good widgets for integration on the home screen of my device for rapidly seing what are my today/week events and tasks