For those who build /e/ using Docker

Users who build /e/ using Docker

So what is new ??

There are some updates in the image as you can see in the last line

this effectively means you will need to get a new image before running the build command…

Also some parameters from the command (about signature and apps builds) these settings are now defined in our code base.

Go ahead and try it out !!!

Let us know in case of any issues

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Hi @Manoj !

The doc indicates DEVICE_LIST & OTA_URL.
Are these vars back to work ? :wink:

Yes they are back :slight_smile:
Run it and check if it works. I have not been able to personally test it. Though some of the best from the team have already done the testing.

Just opened #1185 & #1186 issues :wink:

Thanks @Manoj Been having problem. I will give it a try.

Working perfectly. Thanks @Manoj