Foreign/unknown images on Teracube 2e delivered by Murena


I have bought and configured a Teracube 2e for my mom. After a month of usage, she asked me to look into strange photos, and I found photos from foreigners on her mobile.

  • She says the photos appeared after we fixed her WLAN connection (i.e., they were not delivered with the mobile).
  • I found 59 (!) photos in Internal>DCIM>OpenCamera folder, taken (according to metadata) with 4 models (Fairphone 2 and 4, Samsung, Teracube) which were taken in the year before the mobile was delivered to me (04.2021 to 04.2022).
  • The images contain people, cars (incl. license plate), renovation activities, packages, festivities, etc., obviously from a french family.
  • The mobile has not left her hand (and hardly, her house) since I gave it to her.
  • Three accounts are listed on the phone: the nextcloud, another hosted nextcloud added by myself, plus In both NC folders, the offending images do not exist.
  • Bluetooth was on, but the “Last received files” list is empty. “Last connected devices” is also empty.

I did not yet search for the images or personal information on the internet, but obviously I am worried about the integrity of the mobile.

  • Can the images have been delivered with the mobile (contrary to her statement)?
  • Can the images have been pushed to the mobile by chance (Bluetooth, WLAN)?

Any and all hints are welcome.

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There was an important data leak a few months ago. Maybe your mom was impacted?

See details below.

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Thank you very much for the link. As she already had an email account, she was not monitoring her /e/ email. We’ve seen their notification, and she’s obviously one of the 379 affected.

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