Format/detect SD card

I am using latest OS update 1.1-20220627199797. My Samsung 32Gb SD card is not recognised by the phone in any way (I can’t actually remember if it was in previous versions). I have no response from it when insert into laptop via an SD adapter (I know the adapter does work as I have used it with another mini SD card). Does this mean the card is corrupted or not useable in some way? Is there a way of getting the phone to detect that a card is present? Can I format it on the phone?

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As the card is neither recognized on the phone nor on your laptop in any way I’d expect it to be defective. If inserted into the phone and “unreadable” I’d suppose the phone proposes to format it. Still you might mention the phone model you tried it with.

My phone is a Gigaset GS290.

Is your objective just to Format the SD card? An Android smartphone would not be my preferred method to simply format a problematic SD card.

There are more deep level tools available on a PC to check out the viability of an SD card.

Thanks. I want to get more storage on my phone. I have used that card on a previous phone or tablet. I will follow up tools on my laptop - I run Linux Mint, must be some relevant software I can find…

GParted is a good choice. If the card is badly compromised GParted may fail.

Some will persevere but on the other hand an SD card does have a limited life; if this has been an “unlucky” card in some way, some would suggest not to spend too much time on it – in case it fails again! Fat32 is what an ordinary “shop” SD card comes with.

Thanks - GParted did not list the SD card, so I guess it is not functioning. I’ll invest in another…

New micro SD card purchased. On first boot up of phone, card detected and option to set up given. I chose phone storage. Error message on screen, lasted about 2 secs, so could not note down what it said! Card not appearing on my file manager. It does not register on my phone on reboot. It does not register on my laptop via an apdapter.

What is going on - is this the OS or my phone (Gigaset GS290)? The new card was obviously a valid working card. Why did the set-up fail? Is there a way of getting this to work?

I have just discovered that the SD card is listed on Storage settings and I have moved maps to it from the Apps settings menu. So perhaps it is my file manager that is inadequate. Any suggestions as to a good one to use that will display files on my SD card too? Thanks…

Using the default Files app, I have opened the navigation pane by tapping on the 3 bar menu, top left, and my SD card is seen like this.

Do you see similar?

No, in the second section I get Documents and phone name only.

That might suggest that the SD card has been formatted as “internal storage” that is, extended phone storage as opposed to external storage. (With the former, in my experience the contents of the SD card it is not easily read on a PC.)

If this were the case, maybe you can recognise it by the size of your available space?

My understanding was that this extended internal storage was discontinued [1] as it was problematic. But …

That fixed it, now the default app Files (which I have always liked using) shows folder structure and content of the SD card. The card can now be read on my laptop.

So the phone, or rather the OS, should not give the option to use the card as internal storage. This is quite an obstacle for a not-very-teccie user such as me. Thank goodness for the forum.

Just found a negative consequence of only being able to use the SD card as external storage - it cannot then be used for moving apps and their data to, which can actually be a useful operating tool for your phone (eg large offline maps which may take up valuable spce of the phone’s internal storage capacity)