Fortnightly podcast

Just wondering if the team can host a podcast, may be fortnightly, to discuss the project and development around it. This could be an excellent way to engage with the community. We can ask @GaelDuval to take up first few episodes to talk about his vision, journey so far, future, etc. And from there we can invite people involved in projects one by one to explain their experience or their vision for /e/. We can also have live Q&A to engage the community. The reason to make this recommendation is two folds: 1. Engagement with community, which is needed as a young community, 2. Leveraging platform like YouTube to host the show we can monetize the shows which can be funneled back for the development of the project.


Oh pls, no, not another channel. Telegram und and tweets on Twitter and Mastodon. I think that’s enough.