Forum rules? can't reply on my own topic

Hi there. I just can’t get why such limitations on the topics. I can’t even reply on a topic I just started… Is this a bug or something I didn’t get?


You haven’t started any topic recently. You just have two topics, an old one (September) and this one.

yes. I can’t reply any. this one for example : Une solution de transfert wifi de fichier vers un ordinateur?

I 'de like to have a reply button like the one I can see here. Did I miss something?

Hi @loranozor pl can you try now.

looks good! thank you!

Actually in order to reply or create a topic in the French part of the forum you have to join the French group by clicking a join button somewhere. Sounds like Manoj did it for you.

It is necessary to join the Français group first in order to be able to communicate there. Have you already done so?