Forward text via Email

I receive texts, that I would like to forward via email, is there a way to do this, ideally it would put some sort of stamp at the top to say who it originally had come from.

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Maybe there’s an app for that (none in fdroid afaik) but onboard functions only allow to copy the text (3-dot menu) and use it from there…
Another option (not conveniant though): screenshot.

Maybe there’s hints in that post/thread over here: Send Text Message to External E-Mail Address - #2 by petefoth

I didn’t think of the screen shot method, bit crude, but if thats all their is then at least thats one solution.

Thanks for the link, stated what I already thought, SMS and Email are two totally different things, and difficult to do exactly what I want.

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This looks interesting; I haven’t tried it myself, though:

I imagine the SMS-receiving phone must be powered on (and connected to the internet, of course) for the texts to be forwarded.

Edit: And have the receiving SIM inserted and active.

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