FOSS alternatives for critical app

Hello /e/ users,

  • Can I use apps from Google Play via Aurora after switching to /e/?
  • Won’t it defeat the entire purpose of being data privacy oriented person?
  • /e/ has really provided some credible alternatives for Google products such as Keep, email, Drive, and Keep to certain extent. It is definitely contentious from certain view point , but definitely efforts are being invested in the right direction. My dilemma is how to access some of the apps that I was heavily reliant up on while on Android. Can I still use proprietary apps like Kindle, Adobe PDF, etc without compromising on the philosophy of /e/? Are there any alternatives available?
  • What are your favourite FOSS apps?

Hello Dravidian!

Welcome to our community. The good thing with /e/ is you are totally free to use whatever apps you want and take your time to kindly migrate to alternative apps.
For more information and to find a positive answer to all your concerns, I suggest you to read these articles: