FP 3 /e os camera app

I’m using /e o.s. on my FairPhone 3 and it goes well. My prob is the camera app.Lately, it does not the camera it does not open the camera objective, neither with camera nor with movie. I think is an App problem. Can someone sudgest me a Fotocamera app?
maybe the best is the one released with the \e system. I do not remember with one is it

Thank you


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The standard camera app that comes with /e/ is “Open Camera”.

To be more precise it is /e/'s fork of Open Camera. The forked repo is


The first thing you should do is to clear all the app data in the settings for the Camera app to reset any crap there. The preinstalled Camera app should run and take pictures and videos.

If you want indeed another app (there are reasons) you could try the Google camera app GCam which runs very well on a FP3 and FP3+. Several ports in several versions can be downloaded here. I run the “Nikita’s 7.4 v2.0”, version 8 runs also but is not really my taste.

Three things then:

  • you must download an APK and install it manually (very easy)
  • the directory where the pictures are saved is not to change, it’s always in the device memory
  • may be the preinstalled Gallery app struggles, I use Simple Gallery instead
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I think the prob is the o.s.
I say that because I’ve done some proof:
1 - new app (Open camera)
the problem persist
2 - power off and on
the prob disappear
So I’ve thought
a - the prob is not the app (I’ve changed it)
b - the prob is not the phone (restart remove the prob)
I think the prob is on the o.s.
yesterday I’ve update it and today “it seems” everithing goes well. I hope it continue, but sudgestion for the os developer: take a look of this prob


This will not get developer attention here in the forum, please open an issue in the /e/OS issue tracker at GitLab: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues