FP2 Lost Wifi connection


I’ve got trouble with wifi connection at home.
I succeed getting an ip from my wifi box (France, freebox) but after a quite short amount of time, my fp2 lost wifi registration.
Activating debug mode, I see this error message:

E : [21:33:42.428665] [0000000273C50543] [wific] wlan: [E :HDD] wlan_hdd_get_frame_logs: Frame Logging not init!

I will try another wifi access point this week-end to confirm this happens all the time or only at home.

Any idea about what is going wrong ?



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Although this might not seem to be connected with your issue, it did improve my router behaviour when I disabled

Settings → System → Advanced → Developer options → Mobile data always active – “Always keep mobile data active, even when Wi-Fi is active (for fast network switching)”. I think that my router failed to reconnect in the event of a small break in transmission which mobile data had already covered.

thank you for this tip.
I’ve just disabled this flag right now.
See you in some days to give you feedbacks if my issue will be fixed

I’ve got another issue: sometimes, twice a week, FP2 lost mobile connection and request me to enter pin codes for my two gsm cards. I do not understand if there is a situation where such events appear more often…
I’m wondering if my FP2 hardware gets weird as it is ‘quite old’ …


currently I still face same issue.
I added the logcat file with error: does-it help to understand errors ?