FP2 Pie Upgrade available now!

Thanks to the efforts of our FP2 users who volunteered to help with the testing, we have released the Official Pie build of FP2 as of yesterday.
A very special thanks to the support we received from the Fairphone community members.
We look forward to even more cooperation in the days to comeā€¦stay tuned for more on that :wink:

With this release we hope some of the longstanding issues we had on FP2 on the nougat build would be resolved.
Now we move on to the next set of devices to be upgradedā€¦hopefully it will not take so long !!!

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Thank you very much! I will install it today!

The install worked really fine! Thanks for the work and the instructions!

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I tested to upgrade with TWRP without success.
Then I upgraded to TWRP version and then upgraded to Pie without problem.

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It would be interesting to know which error messages TWRP caused.

Only since TWRP 3.2.3-0 SuperSUĀ¹ was removed from TWRP.

Ā¹SuperSU is a Superuser management tool for rooted devices