FP3+ and e - normal issues or should I send the phone back?

Hi everyone,

I bought an FP3+ with e from e.foundation earlier this month and still working on setting it up. I like the idea of the fairphone + better privacy, but I am running into many small issues / bugs that I have to research in this community and wondering if that is ‘normal’ part of this experience (part of e being in beta)? Some minor issues I can live with in trade for better privacy, but it seems that this is taking quite a lot of time for me to understand and find work arounds.

So here are a few of the things I’ve experienced so far:

  • Battery is not charging past 64%, it did well the first two times but now this seems to be the treshhold even after a night of charging
  • Phone regularly ‘freezes’ for a moment. Touchscreen does not work and/or sometimes goes black at these times. It comes back after a few seconds, often I find it going back to the home screen and I have to go back to the app I was using (though that may be because I have pressed the home button somewhere during the freeze to check if that still worked).
  • The browser seems rather slow to load new pages, also does not go to ‘next page’.
  • Tasks synching with ecloud does not seem to work as expected.
  • Touch screen is not very responsive, often need to press or swipe several times to make it register.
  • There was a problem with calls through WhatsApp initially, the connection would end every few moments but that seems to have stopped. The sound quality is weird now though, I hear everything at the other end very loudly/echoey as if they’re in the bathroom.
  • Spot search or e.community search regularly come back with the result that they did not find anything, if I do the same search again it works fine.
  • Adding e-account took 3 or 4 tries before it worked, it seems to be okay now (except tasks synch) but have not tested the full scope of it yet.

I’m sure there was more but this is what I recalled just now. Just curious if this seems similar to others’ experiences or if I need to connect with customer support?

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Hmm, nope, don’t have this issue.

Hmm, maybe your screen is a bit loose? You may want to try opening and closing the phone again to make sure everything is in-place well.

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I bought a FP3+ this month and I don’t have those kind of problems. Truth is I flashed /e/ myself, but I don’t think that’s important here.

  • The battery issue is quite rare, maybe you should contact customer service.
  • My screen froze just once in this whole week I’ve had the phone with /e/ installed, but I was using it continously.
  • Browser works fine in my case, but it depends on the search engine I use. Searx/espot is too slow for me, so I use Qwant or DuckDuckGo.
  • I can’t help with ecloud since I don’t have an account, but you could reference the issue here so the developers can fix it.

By the way, could you add which Android and /e/OS version you have?

I hope you find this useful.


Thanks. It’s 0.14-q-2021012999010-stable-FP3 android 10 with a latest update in January (phone doesn’t show updates yet). Good to know there are better experiences!

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Bought one last month as well, with no Android or /e/ experience, and I’m not having any of those issues… Turns out to be a lot easier (and more fun) than I was expecting.

Except this one:

For me this happens when it changes from night mode to day mode (once in the morning) and back (once in the evening). Slightly annoying, but not a deal breaker.

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Hi @Jet since this device was purchased from the eShop pl send a mail to support@e.email …just to remove the possibility that this could be a hardware issue.