FP3 Android 9 - no /e/-updates since January

latest update of /e/ with Android 9 I got on my Fairphone 3 was 0.14-2021012698470. Since then no update was found.
Is this correct and there has been no update since then ore is there something wrong? Or do I have to update to Android 10? Till now I thought that Q was still Betaversion for FP3 with some known problems so I wanted to wait.

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I installed /e/OS Android 10 on my FP3+ yesterday and it remains on the 26 January state, too.

v0.15-q which is in beta testing has patch level February 2021. IIRC that is planned to be released next week. Maybe keep an eye on the topics in https://community.e.foundation/c/e-smartphone-operating-system/development-updates/93


Got the 0.15-20210313105774-update and installed it without problems.