FP3: audio over usb in car

Although my car is equipped with BT it does not support BT Audio. I can only connect my phone to make and receive calls. I can also browse the contacts on the FP3.
But when I connect the FP3 via the USB port of the car system it tells me there is no media to be found.

I also tried to switch the USB connection mode to any other setting, but to no avail.
I did notice there is/used to be an audio transfer option which seems to be missing in the current settings of my FP3 (see below)

I was wondering if this is
a) normal behavior or not ?
b) if not, how to fix this ?

I never saw an Audio over USB option, but this sounds like it has to be supported by the host. USB-C can transfer a lot of protocolls but I assume you use an USB-C to USB-A cable and this alone could brake such output variants. I can see it working with dockingstations, but OEM car multimedia systems weren’t very advanced before Carplay and Android Auto.

Also, car headunits can be very picky about the partition type and size of USB mass storage. I’d check the manual or car specific forums.

If your car headunit has an AUX-in maybe a Bluetooth to AUX receiver can fix this (Logitech makes such devices). Or like I do just using an USB Stick.

Yeah that’s what I do now, but it’s kind of silly to sacrifice the only USB port for a USB stick and not being able to charge my phone :thinking:.
The car has an AUX input so I could connect the FP3 by 3.5mm jack, but then I need to connect the phone with 2 cables to charge it at the same time… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Or I could just get rid of the car :crazy_face:

I tried in my car yesterday, also not working :frowning:
(Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, 0.11 /e/ Pie in Lexus with EMVN).
Seems like the phone as to “see” the car as a computer, or the car the phone as a storage device.

The only way I found is to use an usb stick, copying files on it from phone using an OTG adapter …

Also, some friend of mine with an older car use a BlueTooth-FM transmitter, it’s working pretty good.

Yeah it’s rather strange. An iPhone/iPod is working flawlessly, but my FP3 isn’t working at all. Been searching for some more info about this issue, but it looks like my car system just doesn’t recognize android devices. Unfortunately I don’t have any other Android device to my disposal for testing.
The FP3 with its original ROM is also not recognized by the car system, so I start wondering if this might be a hardware/driver issue on my phone ?
There seems to be hardware solution: Wirelinq, but I’m not sure it’s gonna work with my car…

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