FP3 battery charge

Hi there !

I am a brand new happy user of a FP3 with /e/ and I have a question about the battery charging. The device charges up to 95% and tells that it is full. Does anyone observed the same behavior with its FP3 ? Is it a problem or a normal thing with this phone ? Thank you for help !

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I can’t find people on the WWW with this issue, so it’s probably specific to your phone.

If you see this behaviour multiple times, I would try to callibrate the battery by letting it die. Then plug the phone until it reaches 100%.

I never had to do this so I can’t assure you it will work but that’s usually the advice that comes when there are issues with the percentage of battery. Wait for other replies.

It’s normal.
From 90% (when the charging indicator goes green) on upwards the phone considers the charge as complete for the battery statistics, e.g. Settings - Battery - (three-dot menu) - Battery usage.


Didn’t know that, it’s nice to improve the battery-life (on the long-term).

The Fairphone 3 also started out with a somewhat ominous “Eco charging mode” detailed here (see the “Update:” part), which should charge the phone slower during the last few per cent up to 100% to prolong the life of the battery.

Fairphone seem to have since removed formerly existing mentions of this on their own pages, though.

Thanks to all. I understand a bit more why now. I’ll try next time not to unplug the phone from the charger for a couple of more minutes (hours ?) to see if there is really a slow charging mode above 95% or if it is just a limit chosen to preserve the battery life. I’ll come back if I have news. Thanks again.