FP3(+) crashes with black screen

there I switched to /e/-os 2 weeks ago. (I’m using a Fairphone 3 with the new camera modules)
The whole day the phone works without any issue, but when I’m outside for a bike ride (nothing “shaky”) the Phone crashes constantly to a blackscreen. Only after removing and reinserting the battery my phone restart.

When this happens then:

  • it is cold outside (~-5°C to 0°C)
  • I use a bluetooth headset
  • listed to music stored on my sd card
  • have 2 sim cards inserted

These information are pretty bad I guess, so I would be happy to get at least some information about how to provide usefull logs. That help analysing the issue.


Sounds like a contact issue somewhere. Shouldn’t happen with the battery itself normally, it has extra holding bars to keep it in place.

You have the new camera modules. Did the issue start after putting them in, or was it there before?

I’m on the new modules for some months without any issue.
The issue started after moving to /e/