FP3+: Dark Surprise


today my screen went dark when I wanted to use it.
No button pressing brought it up again.
I was out in very bright daylight, no change by going in the shade.

So I managed to hold the power button short enough to keep the torch from lighting up, hitting the places where suspected and could shut it off.
By booting again the splash screen of Fairphone showed with the usual brightness, the the e came up as well but turned a little darker.
Then the SIM lock wanted its code, and while starting to hit the numbers the display dimmed down to complete darkness. I managed to hit the right numbers anyway, as a notification sound told me that I had a new message or a calendar reminder - no chance to view it.

So, when I came home I tried again, now in real shade.
Same story while booting, but now I could recognize a pale shadow of the screen, put in the SIM code and it started.
Now the settings menu was available in same pale manor, and I saw that the brightness was turned to minimum and the flight mode as well as Bluetooth was on, which I did not set purposefully.
Usually I have the brightness at some 50% and did not change that by purpose also.
I can’t exclude that I changed the settings myself by trying to get into it without display.

I put automatic brightness on and hope this will prevent from a repetition.

Now it is being much brighter than the usual 50% even though it is an indoor evening with the sun already hidden by houses around and no lights on. This might result in unnecessary battery drain.

In my understanding it is always starting with the last settings before shutting down, in this case probably minimal brightness.
Is there a chance to tell it that it should always start with 50% brightness?

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