FP3+ DCIM folder behaviour

I have moved the DCIM folder from internal memory to SD card formatted on my FP3+.
My camera doesn’t take/record pictures anymore.
How to choose/save pictures on the SD/DCIM folder?

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You need to do

Camera settings > More camera controls … > Use storage access framework.


Thanks again.
I finally found it.
My phone is in French, and sometimes I need some time to find the right menu in French.

You can set the phone to English, follow the necessary steps, and then set it back to French :wink: .
Settings - System - Languages & input - Languages - (add English here or if it’s there but not in the first position just long-tap and drag it there)


And can we set-up/use an AZERTY keyboard with a phone in English?
That would be my preferred choice…

Once a 2nd system language was added, you should be able to switch the keyboard layout by long-tapping the space bar on the keyboard. The currently active layout should also be displayed there. (At least with the preinstalled AOSP keyboard.)

Else you can choose to manually activate your preferred keyboard layouts in Settings - System - Languages & input - Virtual keyboard - (select your keyboard) - Languages.