FP3 doesn't vibrate anymore - cannot find service menu for vibration motor test

My FP3 (/e/ OS 0.15 - Android 9) doesn’t vibrate anymore for a few days.

Vibration is set on everywhere in the settings:

  • settings/sound: “also vibrate for calls”+touch vibrations
  • settings/Accessibility/Vibration: “ring & notification vibration” + touch vibration"
  • settings/apps&notifications/“different apps (mail, messenger, …)”/Notifications: checked - “vibrate” is always set in
  • “do not disturb” ist set off

I tried to open the service menu for testing the vibrations motor (Dial [star]#[star]#66#[star]#[star] or [star]#[star]#SERVICE#[star]#[star]) but after typing the last * the “number” disappeared and no service menu started, just like in the save modus.
In the developer settings I cannot find the service menu as well.

Any idea what I can do to start the service menu to test vibration motor?
Or any other hints?

Hi, it also happened to me. The problem was with the battery saver. After disabling it, the phone can vibrate again. It’s weird, because I thought it was working before even with battery saver enabled.

Also if disabling Settings -> Battery -> Battery saver and performance -> Extreme power saver, then vibration works when battery saver is enabled.

Now it’s working again even with battery and extreme power saver on. Have no idea why… it could be some hidden bug…