FP3 does't switch speaker when held to ear

When listening to voice-messages from signal, I used to be able to hold the phone to my ear as if making a phone call. My old phone used to automatically switch voice-output from external speaker to ear-speaker. That way I was able to enjoy some privacy while listenig to messages in public transport directly on my ear.

I’ve noticed that with my fairphone 3 & /e/ this switch does’t seem to happen. Voice messages on signal are played through external loud speaker only.

Any ideas how to change this?

Not for your own.
either it is implemented in the OS (possibly also hardware-related) or not.
You can’t change anything yourself.

Opened an issue here:

Hi Hof.e,

I don’t use Signal because I think their used servers are compromised (SVR and the RAM encryption used (Intel: SGX, AMD: SEV)) already have exploited vulnerabilities (see reference below)!

But to answer your question in a helpful way anyway:
I am using the Threema messenger app and have tested for you how it works with audio files.
Conclusion: Threema plays the audio file via the ear-speaker as expected.
So it is basically up to the messenger software whether you are allowed to use the smartphone like a phone or whether you have to hold it in front of your mouth like a jam sandwich when you want to listen to a received audio message.

And if it is not supported by the operating system and/or hardware, automatic switching from ear speaker to external speaker and vice versa is not possible.
With my Threema audio file I have also tested the latter, but my Fairphone 3+ has not switched from one speaker to the other – so I think /e/OS and/or the Fairphone 3+ hardware couldn’t recognize nearing the phone to my ear to switch the speaker.


Hi uhu
Thanks for your explanations.
I think fairphone 3 is capable of detecting being held to the ear. Because when I make a phone call, the screen goes dark as soon as I make this movement. Also, my previous Samsung was making the speaker-swich for any audio being played, no matter what app I had been using. So I think it’s down to /e/ os. Not the biggest problem in this world… (but I like voice messages, and not being able to listen to them privately is a bit annoying)

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