FP3 empty battery, no charging at all

Hi @all,

unfortunately the battery of my new FP3+ went totally empty and now several attempts to recharge it failed. Already tested different chargers, but haven’t got an additional usb-c cable to test. Win-pc recognizes the phone (tone, but the phone doesn’t appear in explorer), no charging seem to be initiated. Didn’t tested Linux so far (amateur).

So: is there - like on ios - a magic button combination to initiate a “hard reset”? Based on the idea, that there already might be enough power, but the os is anyhow 'frozen". Or any other ideas?

Many thanks for any feedback!

You must pull it. This matters. The charger will notice that.

When the remaining amount of energy in the accu falls under a given value (imagine 3% or so) the charger will not charge anymore. Then you must always react by pulling the accu and putting it in again manually.

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Thanks! Plugged the charger as well as the cable several times off and on while checking … no effort :frowning:

You must pull the ACCU, not the cable. Open the back cover, take the accu out and put it in again. Then charge.


Lol, on my way :wink: thanks!!

That’s it!!! Many many thanks - you made my day!!!

And never let the power sink under 5%. I had to learn this, too. If this happens in daily use, switch the device off before it dies.

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I like Battery Bot Pro Battery-Indicator-Support/Changelog.md at master · darshan-/Battery-Indicator-Support · GitHub with which you can set a notification.

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Thanks a lot for your both tips!

And to preserve the battery, always keep the charging capacity between about 30 and 70 % if possible.
Recharging does not harm the battery.
But if the charge level gets too close to the limits, it stresses the battery and it ages sooner.
The battery of the Fairphone can be changed easily, but why torture it anyway? :wink:

I like BatteryBot Pro very much and have buyed my Pro Version in December 2010 at Google Play.

In the meantime, you can also download this pro version free of charge from F-Droid.
I can really recommend it!
Unlike all the snake oil sold on Google Play, this app is really serious!

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