FP3+ Errors in Maps and Camera


I brought a new Fairphone 3+ with /e/ pre-installed.
The camera worked for the first month (although it was incredibly slow… >5 seconds to load and then another >5 seconds to switch between camera and film). The quality was pretty poor alongside it being so slow.

A couple of days ago the camera has stopped working altogether. It tries to start but then freezes and gives the message ‘serious camera error’.

I also have a problem with the Maps app… which gives me a message ‘This app version is not compatible with the new maps available. Install the latest app version to use the new online and offline maps.’.

I have been into my Apps section and it tells me ‘All apps are up to date’.

Any help to fix these issues would be much appreciated! Even more so if it’s in lamens simpleton terms!
Thank you!

Try installing FreeDCam from F-Droid, this doesn’t cost anything, just to see what another camera app says.

If you really have a hardware problem it could be a first approach to open the device and have a look at the camera plug which connects the camera with the board. Perhaps it is loose or oblique. You can (carefully!!!) pull and tuck it yourself. The steps are explained in this video. If this doesn’t help it’s probably a broken camera module.

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What you depict let me assume, that your Fairphone has not the latest “e os” Version installed.
Please check if a newer version is available.
It think you find the “System Update” App under “Settings → System (extend the menu) → System Update”
Start it and click the circle in the upper right corner.

Here a picture. I have no Updates left and the version number on top is the latest release.

Maybe an Upgrade solves also the Problem with the Map App. Or you have to upgrade it with the e App Store. It is also possible, that the latest Version isn’t yet available via e Appstore. But it will be there soon.

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Thank you!!! You were absolutely right… I had no clue that I had to manually check and download the updates. This has fixed my problem!!