FP3+ : Mail app keeps crashing when wanting to write a new message

It’s almost all in the title : Brand new FP3+ bought on /e/ shop two weeks ago, and when I want to write a new message, the mail app exhibits a strange behaviour : when I begin to type the destination address, as soon as I type the second character of the address, the app closes the “new message” window, and returns to the first page.
If I try again, unable again to type more than two characters, and a popup appears saying that “Mail is constantly crashing/App info/Close App”.
Nothing happens for the first character, only - and always- at the second one.
Therefore, I never have been able to send a mail fro my phone.I suspect that it has something to do with address fetching in contacts or known addresses, but I do not see how to deal with that.
The mail app manages two mail accounts (e.email and business mail), and the phone runs the latest 0.13 update.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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