FP3+ manual upgrade experience to Android 11?

I wonder if anybody could report about her/his (manual) upgrade experience with FP3+ from 10 to 11. Is it any use? Does it chnge phone behaviour or even improve it?

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I am using a FP3+, now with Android 11 and it works fine! The battery lasts longer… Threema works better, Confide-Messenger works stable now, some nice new setting-options for example for the LED light… i am not an expert, so maybe there are some groundbreaking cool things that i did not recognize… but it works and i dont have any problems…

Hope that helped


How did you upgrade?

I did it the same way, as you do it, when you install e OS the first time… Info about Fairphone FP3/3+ - FP3
I chose " install" not “upgrade”

You lose your data anyway and have to save it… i instsalled e os on different phones, so i was used to this procedure…

Thank you. I’d rather wait vor OTA-upgrade :wink:

Is it possible to restore a TWRP data backup after the upgrade? Or must I restore app by app?

I dont know, i have not tried TWRP!