FP3 microphone problem

Hi there,

I have an FP3 here with a microphone problem.

Android-Version: 12
/e/OS-Version: 1.16-s-20231017342507-stable-FP3

The problem started with callers not being able to hear me anymore. It happened about a week after I installed the last update. When I try to record some audio using “Rekorder”-app, there’s a short crackling sound at the beginning and then silence. I have replaced the bottom and top modules with those from a another working FP3+ because I thought there might be a hardware problem in one of the modules. The FP3 modules are okay, they worked fine in the FP3+. The FP3+ modules in the FP3 didn’t help.
I tried to reinstall the latest /e/OS update. It didn’t change anything.
I also noticed that the headset detection doesn’t work reliably when connecting one via the headphone jack.

I see two options:

  1. There is a hardware bug in the main module (which would probably render the device useless)
  2. There’s a software bug e.g. in an audio driver.

In the second case I thought reverting back to the stock ROM could help to reinstall all hardware drivers and perhaps fix the problem.

Any ideas?


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