FP3 mobile data issue


I just received my fully functional fairphone 3 on android. Data was working perfect.
I went through easy installer and installed e/os easier than I thought.

Data and roaming are on, sms and calls are ok, I went through one of youre Troubleshooting topic (reset apns, change 'etwork, etc) Nothing worked.
The phone was working before \e.

I need help ^^

Please, have you any idea?

After resetting APN settings, did you double check they’ve now been correctly setup for your provider?

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thx for the answer,
in the Apn list nothing is selected but my provider is the right one

I think you have to select your provider and then restart your phone. Then try again if mobile data works…

I just tried, not better, sadly…

EDIT: I found APN parameter for my provider, I’ll modify them and try. I’ll keep you posted

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I found parameters on internet for my provider (sosh, sub company of Orange).

I tried almost all of those (some of them display the same parameters) :


I rebooted my FP3 after every test.

Then I tried the parameters that I found on my previous phone (internet working with the same sim).
Here’s screen shoft with my parameters:

  • FP3 before copying my P20pro paramters (but after many tests)
  • Huawei p20pro parameters
  • FP3 after copying parameters

Still can’t acces internet without wifi.

Thanks for help ^^"

EDIT: tried with another sim, it worked, i’ll triple check my apn settings…
EDIT2: After the try of the other sim, I just reboot my phone with my sim, and tadaa it worked…

I dunno why it wasn’t working, and I don’t know why it is working now!

Happy (confused) ending



Thanks for the trick! Even if it is not a scientific approach, it works fine also on my Fairphone3 that was unable to connect to internet. After reading your post, I try an another SIM and it works. Back to my SIM, internet connections were then available…