FP3 : new Camera+ module 48MP doesn't work


I bought the new camera module 48MP for my FP3 but it doesn’t work. I have only the back camera for the selfies.
I open a ticket to Fairphone support but no positive answer.

Can someone help me ? Any idea ?


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What OS has your device? You need at least an Android 10.

And what does “doesn’t work” mean?

I mounted the new 48MP camera myself into my device and it works great for two years now. But I did also update manually from Android 9 to 10 using the easy-installer.


You might want to check if the camera module is properly connected:


Please note that the Rear Camera Module connector (the black thing bearing the empty triangle icon) can sometimes become disconnected on its other, “invisible” end, too – beneath the camera icon that you can see in Step 11.

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Ok thanks, my FP3 run with Android 9. Do yo have a link to upgrade to Android 10 ?

Yes, I saw your same message in another topic, I will try to do that

I think it’s most likely about the OS version then. Unfortunately there is no OTA upgrade (i.e. through the system updater on your device) from /e/OS P (Android 9) to the higher versions (currently /e/OS S = Android 12).

It you have installed /e/OS on your FP3 by yourself, you best repeat the original installation with the new installation file – either “dev” for always getting the most recent version or “stable” if waiting a few days more for the same is ok for you.

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You can find stable versions for the Fairphone 2 on Murena (was /e) on https://images.ecloud.global/stable/FP2/ Mind you this is for Fastboot

The versions for sideload on https://ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/FP2/stable (see the “url:” lines).

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