FP3 OS Crashing suspecting of dual sim


For a while I’ve noticing that the OS just turns off.
It happens often while I am walking around the city.

I have for not so long ago using a dual sim on with the following configuration:
1st sim card from a French carrier (Free) which I have mobile data plan active (on roaming, since I am currently in Germany)
2nd sim card from a German carrier (Telekom) which I don’t have mobile data plan, so it is only for phone calls / sms

One thing that I notice is that often when I turn the phone back on the 2nd sim card is not recognized and I have to reboot the system for it to be recognized.
And also one time while I was walking and using the phone the OS just turned off and when I boot it up again I saw that someone have tried to call me on my 2nd sim card.

I don’t know if this is the right place to talk about that, and also I don’t know how to inspect the device logs, so if anyone experience something similar or know how to see why this is happening, I am happy to give more information to see if there is something wrong with my phone or if there is a bug on the OS.

I have a FairPhone 3 and running on build e_FP3-userdebug 0 PQ3A.190801.002 eng.root.20211216.060831 dev-keys,stable-release


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caveat: there are multiple “fp3 random crash” backlog issues and some forum threads here and in the fairphone forum and not all are the same. The upcoming 0.22-q will have updated modem firmware partitions that also brings carrier fixes.

I don’t want to point you to the wrong direction. If you can, get the logcat after a crash with adb logcat -L > previous.log to have some debug.

In Fairphone shuts down randomly (#4175) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab a SFR carrier customer could avoid crashes by disabling 2G. Hopefully telekom provides VoLTE despite this being no data SIM for this to be a viable path to test the issue.

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Thank you.
I just tried the following:

On your phone’s dialler, dial *#*#4636#*#* and open the Phone information menu. In the Set preferred network type setting, you can now select the combination of network types that suits you most.

Then I set it to LTE/WCDMA (4G / 3G), so it will never try to connect to 2G.
Lets see if my phone stops crashing.

Didn’t solve :confused:
My phone just crashed on my way to the supermarket… I will try to check the logs and update here sometime.

did you forbid 2G on both SIM cards?

When I follow the steps I mentioned above I can only set the preferred network for the French Sim
Also I disable mobile data for the German one

As I can remember, some user noticed some changes after swapping their SIM cards …

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Indeed, when I changed the sim cards I was able to set LTE/WCDMA on my German sim.

Lets see if this fixes the issue now.

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Well… it is still crashing.
I need to play around with adb and attach the logs here.

Maybe a firmware problem.
But I don’t know much about FP3s : can the firmware be updated without reinstalling the whole stock ROM ?

lineage / e do carry those firmware images since a few months and update them too to latest vendor supplied. The build timestamp by @mihira points to an image that carried them. Upcoming updates will have the latest A.0135 ( or 0134) last I checked so updating can be beneficial.


Hey, I finally installed adb on my computer, however when I do:

adb logcat -L
logcat read failure

I think it’s because I just activated log storage on device…
So I will wait for another crash to be able to read the last reboot

Also the phone is still crashing, yesterday in a span of 20min train ride it crashed 3 times :rage:

I am still getting

adb logcat -L
logcat read failure

after there was a “crash” in my phone.

But I suspect that the phone doesn’t actually crash because I have to hold de power button for several seconds for it to boot up…
Maybe it is just frozen.
I don’t know how to navigate through a specific timespan on the logs on my phone.
Any ideas on how can I do it?

I am attaching the adb logcat -S where it shows that I have 0 crashes.
But also it seems it is only fetching the logs from the moment I run adb devices 12 minutes ago?!?
I am new on this adb logcat, if anyone can help me with that, it would be great.

if the phone crashes and you’re around your usb cable to attach to the log - maybe there is a hint while the device seems “frozen”? then use logcat without any options

I will try to do that, however the phone usually crashes when I am not at home on train rides and walking on the street. But I will keep an eye open, thanks

I have noticed that since I deactivated the automatic brightness the problem seems to have gone away.
I suspected that because I read somewhere about a brightness0 problem with FP3, also that whenever the phone “froze” and I turn back on all the apps were open, so I decided to give it a try.

Anyone with some ideas on what might be?

I am closing this thread since I think this was linked to automatic brightness and it stopped happening

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