FP3 Performance/Memory Compromised Since OS Update

Hi All

Since updating to the latest build of EOS on my Fairphone 3, the performance is significantly reduced even when “Advanced Security” is toggled off, as though the memory is severely compromised. Thus far I’ve noticed:

  • Scrolling webpages and across apps is laggy, with stops and starts
  • Occasionally when scrolling across apps the system will register as though I’d tapped to open one rather than accept that I scrolled past it
  • While typing quickly on the touchscreen keyboard, a few strokes will be compiled together, so that the keyboard seems to think I long-pressed on one key - e.g. rather than writing “slight”, it will write “s)ht”, since the ) symbol can be selected by long-pressing L.
  • Most annoyingly, when I try to listen to media - music or podcasts - it cuts out for short three-second bursts and then catches up, as though my bluetooth headphones were very far away and moving quickly. However, the issue persists after unpairing and repairing my headphones - and when the headphones are turned off and I’m just listening from the phone’s speakers!

I’ve done what I can to lighten the load on my phone’s memory but nothing seems to work. My partner, who has a FP3+, is experiencing the same thing since updating, with similar bad luck.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? Is there a fix, other than somehow reverting back to the previous version of the OS?

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A good report! There is another post attempting to aggregate these reports. You might post there.

Fp3 does seem one of the most affected. I have the sense that there might be a small memory leak somewhere. I am confident the cause will be fixed.

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Hello, I’m experiencing the same performance issue on my fairphone 3+ since the 1.0 update. Previously I was on the 0.19 and it was very smooth.

Hope it’ll be fixed in the next update :crossed_fingers:

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