FP3 recovery without doing nothing?

I did nothing on my phone, it was just laying on the table when this message appears :

I clicked the arrow and my phone restarted.
Have you ever seen this ?

I have experienced a stability issue when editing the Theme on FP3+ Q beta.
The phone display became blank white without content. It looked like the phone rebooted but got stuck in the “E, jumping dot” phase. I had to reset with VOL- and PWR. After that it started normally. Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce this behavior.


could you share more details please ? Like on which build you were ? Have you updated it recently ?

I bought my FP3 with /e/on it and here is the last update version and date :

As taking the screenshot, I see that the last verification date is : today at 10:56. I did nothing for that, but it is just before I get the recovery message. Strange or not ?

I don’t think so. You took the picture of the recovery message at 10h51. So I think your FP3 automatically searched for an update at 10h56 after you rebooted it, not before.

It would be very interesting to have logs to know what was the cause of the reboot.

You can use this method. If it’s too complicated, you can use this one.

If in addition you open an issue on our gitlab, it would be perfect. But if you just send me the logs, I can open it for you without any problem.

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Done ! Hope it can help…