FP3 roaming/APN not working


I am currently abroad and have a problem. The roaming does not work. We have two phones (Android and eos) with the same service provider. I updated the APN setting on both devices - the roaming on the Android phone works on the fly, on the FP3 with eos (1.2-20220725206061) does not work even after a restart. The APN settings on both devices are the same but I’m not able to connect to the Internet. Any suggestions how I can solve this issue?
Thanks, Otto

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Ho @otto welcome to the /e/ forum.

It is interesting that you have a “fully Googled” device with which to compare. This rather confirms my suspicion that carriers are offered a Google service to keep APN fully updated on the device. The first thing I would suggest is to go though the APN in very fine detail, especially as this is a roaming issue. We seem to see APN changing in very small detail with evolving technology.

Pay especial attention to the stings with many entries for instance


where one false entry can be fatal in some use case.

I tagged your OP with #apn, you might check other similar threads.

(Maybe … from your report I am not clear if you did the /e/ update after updating APN settings, but it is always possible that an /e/ update could actually revert your APN, idk, but from my experience APN are reverted (from a manually set APN) on wipe data.)

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I think this is the case, at least on FP3+ with french provider.

It would help substantiate that assertion if you can show the example of a working APN which is different from the APN list which is used in the base of an /e/ update in the apns-conf.xml found here prebuilt/common/etc/apns-conf.xml · v1-q · e / os / android_vendor_lineage · GitLab

:bulb: It is a very long list but one can simply use Crtl + F to find the carrier’s various APNs in the list.

Hello aibd,

thank you for your reply. The /e/ update I did some weeks ago. Yesterday I reconfigured the apn for both devices the fully-google and the /e/ one and I checked the settings in both devices several times. It seems that the mobile service provider changes the apn “regularly”.
Checking the apns-config. xml file the apn for “HOT Internet” line 522 is outdated the current one is available on the website of the provider [https://www.hot.at/config/faqs/HoT_Android_APN_2022.pdf].
This documetn is in german but you can find the settings on page 5 and 10:


Hello again,

short status update:
In the meantime I updated my device to the version /e/OS 1.3-20220823212869 and the APN/roaming is still not working. The APN settings are correct but I’m not able to get an internet connection.
It seems that there is a newer version available (September 5) . I will keep you updated but it may be a few weeks before I go abroad again.


Hi Otto,
my experience with HOT is:
first time in France several years ago - no roaming although the APN was correct. Next time in France (a year or so later) - everything was working.
first time in Finnland 3 years ago - no roaming although the APN was correct, even called HOT (according to them everything should work), but still no roaming. Next time in Finnland - everything was working.
This with 2 “normal” googled android phones.
I think this is a HOT problem, not a problem with your device or OS version. Myself I have an FP3+ running /e/OS using 3 and I have no problems with roaming.

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Hi vanukalla,

as I explained in my initial post, we had two devices a “normal” Android Nokia and an e/OS FP3 both with HOT as service provider. I changed the APN on both devices and only the Android device was able to connect to the internet. Same APN on both devices also checking the HOT user account if roaming is allowed. I haven’t had any roaming issues with the FP3 in recent years and I’ve had HOT for years (also with other devices).
Especially if two devices with the same settings and a different operating system behave differently, I would suspect that it is a SW problem. Otherwise I can’t explain why it works on one device and not on the other.


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Hi Otto,

Has the roaming issue been solved now?
Yes, the OS might be the problem.
On the other hand: it did not work for us with normal Android phones after setting the APN correctly and the confirmation of the provider that everything should work. We had to leave the country and come back later. This happend to 3 persons for 2 countries all using HOT within the last years.
So to me there still is the possibility that it is not entirely OS related.
But these things are sooo annoying! Hope the issue gets resolved for you soon.

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Hi vanukalla,

I’ll be abroad again in the week after next, then I can provide a status update. I will bring a sim card from another provider or a mobile phone with a different os to better localize the source of the error. On the other hand, the problem may have been fixed since there were already two eos updates in the meantime (but I didn’t read the changelog).

I had exactly the same issue: FP3 + Vodafone + Roaming = no internet.

I reviewed the settings from someone else and it seems it selected the wrong APN. When I went to Settings → Network & internet → Mobile network → Advanced → Access Point Names, the first one on the list (Sphone Pelephone/sphone.pelephone.net.il) was selected. Further down the list was “hollandsenieuwe (type 2)/live.vodafone.com” and after selecting that one, I had internet.

Hello, everyone,
finally the roaming works. Since I changed settings on the phone and in the HOT user account and OS versions at the same time, I’m not sure what solved the problem.
But thank you for the support!


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Same issue herre with Simplus France (Bouygues) in Germany on my FP3. When I activated mobile data, the APNs disappeared and only showed up again after a full reboot. I was able to create/modify APNs as long as I didn’t try to activate mobile data or data roaming in the settings… Once one of them were active, there was no visible APN any longer and “Access Point Name settings are not available for this user”. Quite annoying.

As soon as I crossed the French border, I was able to get mobile data again.

I’m back home now and unable to test anything else. I just upgraded to version 1.5 when I returned home.

This problem didn’t appear with a Swiss SIM card (Swisscom), I was able to use mobile data with the French SIM card on another (googelized) phone during my stay in Germany.

if it helps, in my xiaomi a1 with spanish operator goufone, i have an app called sim toolkit. if the phone doesn’t recognize the roaming, you can force it by selecting the “broker” option. when going back to the origin country, select “home”, as indicated by the operator. sim pin will be asked, it’s normal.
it is not only a thing of /e/, also happened with the original googled android. i think it is because it’s not a mainstream operator.
the thing is that in googled android was a normal app listed with the others, and in e i had to find it with the “settings” search bar. i couldn’t find the app in the stores, so i’m not sure if it’s a system one already installed, or it was because of my operator sim.
let me know if you find it and works for you, before going abroad for the first time.

Tested, it works perfectly!

Tested again, this time with Lebara France (orange) in Austria and Germany on the same FP3 (with updated /e/ in between, now 1.9.1-s-20230405276851-stable-FP3).

As soon as I crossed the border, my Lebara APN disappeared and I had a huge list of unknown (some of them in some unreadable asian language and of course not working) APNs. My other family members Googled-Xiaomi/Oppos (with Lebara as well) worked fine.

I created my Lebara APN manually from scratch (it helps having these infos on a paper), activated it, and Roaming was possible again.

The SIM Toolkit app was of no help, the indicated “broker” option is absent.

Once I returned to France, all the strange APNs disappeared immediately and I got a brand new Lebara APN (with some different setting under APN type: I was lazy and just wrote default when in Germany, now, back in France, it reads default,mms,supl,hipri,fota,ims,cbs,xcap - as it was on my paper).