FP3+ shows no OTA update since v1.5

Hi community,

My FP3+ doesn’t show any OTA update since 31 oct. 2022 (latest version /e/OS v1.5-20221031230909). A friend of mine has the same model which has kept updating correctly, with no apparent difference between our phones.

I found here a similar topic about FP4 but my understanding of the issue and possible solutions is limited, thus I’m quite unsure what should be done (and if it implies a full data backup and system restore).

I would appreciate any advice on what should be done. Do you need more information to understand what is going on?


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To figure it out, people here will mostly need the standalone letter that should also be in your OS version – this should be either a P, Q, R or S (representing Android version 9, 10, 11 or 12).

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Thanks for your advice.

It seems I’m running the Q version. The full build number is : e_FP3-user 10 QQ3A.200805.001 eng.root.20221031.174702 dev-keys,dev-release

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Q and R for the FP3 and FP3+ are no longer supported with further updates, see here:


As you are on the “dev” version, I guess you or someone else must have installed /e/OS on your FP3+ at one point. Basically, you will have to repeat the original installation, but preferrably with the most recent version (1.12.3). Note that the FP3+ is very close to getting updated to 1.13 (I guess any other day now), and expect a major upgrade to “T” (Android 13) in August, so you might want to hold out a few more weeks and do it all in one go.


Indeed, I originally installed /e/OS myself. I must have mistaken choosing a dev instead of stable version. Is this the reason why it can’t switch from Q to S (or T) through an update process?

So if I get it right, I have to run a new installation from scratch? I guess this process doesn’t keep data & apps and everything must be backed up and restored? This is not the ideal option :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t recall all the details anymore, but you will indeed increase your odds to get major upgrades OTA (“over the air”, i.e. through the Updater) if you switch to stable (https://images.ecloud.global/stable/FP3/)

I strongly recommend to make a full backup of what is really important for you. From what I remember, when I went from Q dev to S dev, most of my data was carried over, but calendar entries were not. Also switching to stable might increase the possibility to lose data, so best do a backup.

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