FP3+ sound recording lots of noise

I just updated my Fairphone 3+ to the latest version of q (IMG-e-0.12-q-2020111084008-dev-FP3).

The sound module is working. But the recordings had a lot of noise, especially with low volume parts or at the end of speech. It sounds as if the recording is being compressed (too much) increasing the noise.

I tried with the recorder app and with the camera app.

What results do you have? Is it only my device or do you have similar results?

Hi @Ray,

I can’t reproduce on my side. I raised a bug to let our developer investigate. https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/2105


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Hi @rhunault,

thanks for having a look.

As the issue should be “Speaker noise and cut-off”, could you delete this thread?