FP3 Stuck at Android 9 0.23-p


since sometime I have noticed that the Updater didn’t give me new updates.
I came to the forum to check on that and noticed that I have to do a manual update.

I am a bit upset, because I bought the device from the former e.foundation website and now I am supposed to do some manual adb stuff and I am scared to lose data.
But, okey, let’s go.

I have a lot of questions in my mind:

  • How can I upgrade it properly? (I found several links and people telling different stuff on how to do it)
  • Will any new version work for mine, or should I do some kind of progression? A9 > A10 and then wait or something?
  • Will I lose my data?
  • If something goes wrong, can I rollback to the previous state and not lose my apps/info?

Any help here is welcome, but I would like to have some concrete steps on how to safely upgrade my device and move on with feeling safe.


Self replying:

I backed up the data on my phone and followed the instructions on the easy installer and now I have the latest version.

Thanks for the great job :slight_smile: