FP3+ updater crashes "Updater keeps on stopping"

After having updated to 0.18-20210827132307 there seems to be no way forward, since the updater crashes before a new version 0.19 or 0.20 can be installed. Any suggestion to circumvent this without loosing all data and apps?

Have you rebooted the phone since the last update before trying again?

Else you could go to Settings - Apps and notifications - See all … apps - (three dot menu) - Show system - Updater - Force stop, as well as Storage & cache (same place) - Clear cache.

Yup, rebooting is all it took. (It was not my phone, otherwise I would have obviously done that before :wink:

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With my Fairphone 3+, rebooting did not work to solve the same problem. Neither stopping the updater app and resetting it (clear storage & cache etc.) helped.

So all in all, I cannot update my phone with /e/os right now. Any help?

Update: I was able to install the latest update from beginning of April flawlessly.
So all good for me now!

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