FP3 upgrade to /e/ Android 10? Get FP 3+ Camera Module work

Hello there!

I have Fairphone 3 with /e/ OS. Everything fine so far. Today i got my FP 3+ Camera module, which is not working after installing. Now I see that i still have Android 9 after installing all updates in phone settingsā€¦
My FP3 runs now on: /e/OS 0.13-2020120889008

I think to get the camera work i need: /e/OS 0.13-q-2020120789006
How can i easy install the Android 10 update on the device?

Or is there another solution to get the camera run?

There is no OTA update from Pie to Q possible at the moment.
You have to flash the Q image manually on your device.

Be warned: this will delete all your data en settings!


That question seems to be all over the place :wink:

Here are some rather official statements