FP3 „Your device is corrupt“

Hello, i have changed from slot b to a, after that no boot was possible.
Then I did a factory reset, and installed a backup with TWRP.
Now I can’t get into recovery mode anymore.
I can not start factory reset again.
„Your device is corrupt“.
What can I do?

Pl can you share the version of the build on which you faced this issue.

I think the problem is, factory reset is -Fairphone OS und TWRP restore war -e/OS
how can I install new?

If you tried to restore every partition with TWRP, I think this will not work (been there, done that).
And it’s worth to note that the data partition on the Fairphone 3 is encrypted by default using the screen unlock method to access it.
What works for me to restore the phone from a TWRP backup (somewhat) …

  • Installing the /e/ build matching the backup, including wiping the data partition according to the install instructions.
  • Booting /e/ and setting up the screen lock (= the decryption method) the same way it was before.
  • Restoring only the data partition with TWRP.
  • Copying a backed up copy of the whole Internal Storage back to the phone (because a TWRP backup doesn’t include that).

No, a factory reset (contrary to the name, I know) will not touch the OS, it only deletes user data as well as Apps and their data. Once done, the phone should simply start with the initial setup on the OS build which is still installed.

The restore was finished completely.

I can not start factory reset again.
Disply shows FAIRPHONE and go off.
try to use fastboot -w and flash .img
Error at : fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot: error: Couldn’t parse partition size ‘0x’. version 12 and version 11
i change fastboot –set-active=b and a new system is comming up.
From Slot b is my TWRP backup, which patition must be restort.

Yes, there’s no problem for TWRP restoring the partitions … but everytime I let TWRP restore all partitions the phone went into a bootloop. That’s why I ended up with the procedure I described, which works for me.

For this you wouldn’t need to factory reset right now, you just would need to boot the phone into Fastboot Mode, same as when you use TWRP (I suppose you didn’t install it).

restore now ok, active slot changed to b.
I will test it.
Thanks for the help.

Is your phone okay now?

I take a new install
flash boot boot.img error

flash boot boot.img error

fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot: error: Couldn’t parse partition size ‘0x’.

after that i install
without error

now i make a update to IMG-e-0.12-p-2020102981459-dev-FP3.zip

and install Masik (root), all is well