FP3 zip build corrupted


I followed the doc for installation on my FP3 :

Once downloaded and unziped this :

I launched the script to wipe and install eos on my phone as documented :

chmod +x flash_FP3_factory.sh && ./flash_FP3_factory.sh

I got the following error:

error: cannot load ‘…/IMG-e-1.10-s-20230412278810-stable-FP3/tz.img’: No such file or directory

Editing the script and checking, I see that there are two files missing in the zip built:

flash_image_ab_or_abort “${sn}” tz “${IMAGES_DIR}/tz.img”
flash_image_ab_or_abort “${sn}” vendor “${IMAGES_DIR}/vendor.img”

Can you help ?


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Did you check the hashsum of your download ? I cannot reproduce this, the script demands 18 .img files, a match with the contents of the unzipped folder:

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Thank you for your quick response : you are right, the file was corrupted

I should have checked : I’ve been confused like a noob :-s

Sorry for having bothered…