FP4 Camera barrel-shaped images

I use an Fp4 with e/OS/ 1.21.1-s-20240325389527-stable-FP4.
Since replacing the display, the camera produces barrel-shaped images. The effect is very strong with close-ups, e.g. when I scan an A4 sheet. Does anyone have any idea how to solve the problem? Am I in the right place with Murena or with Fairphone support?


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To make sure:
Are you talking of the main camera(s) on the phone’s back side? Or the selfie camera that is “looking” at you when you are looking at the display? I’m asking because the replacement of the display would usually leave the main camera(s) completely untouched and could only affect the selfie camera.

If it’s the selfie camera, there is sometimes a protective film on the inside of the display that protects the small glass “bull’s eye” that allows the selfie camera to shoot through the display module.

Thank you for your quick response. The selfie camera works fine. Only main camera has that effect.

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ok, mysterious.

It might help everyone here if you upload a photo that clearly shows the effect. When you type a reply here, you should see a picture/postcard-like icon in the editor window – that allows you to upload a picture file.

Processing: IMG_Std20240429_202139.jpg…
This is just a picture of a magazin page.

I didn’t check the picture, but for me it sounds that you have activated the wide angle camera lens.
Try to switch to the ‘standard’ lens (lower right side inside the camera picture if you are using the camera app shipped with /e/OS), maybe this solves your issue.

The function for changing the lens is not (or no longer) displayed for me. So I can’t change the lenses either.

Is it possible to reinstall the e/os/ camera app? The hope would be that this will bring back the lenses selection function. Or is there a config file which I can edit to fix the issue?

You can “reset” the app. Go to
Einstellungen > Apps > Alle Apps > Kamera > Speicher und Cache > Speicherinhalt löschen / Cache leeren

No worries, this will NOT delete your photos.

I only have an FP4 running Fairphone OS here, not /e/OS – but I just installed Open Camera on it which the /e/OS default camera app is forked from. For me, switching between the main camera lenses works with the camera icon with a plus + symbol in its top left corner.

Unfortunately, this measure did not solve the problem.
Thanks a lot.

I did this, but unfortunately without success.