FP4 com.android.documentsui keeps stopping on file move/copy/delete

Hello there,
Since I installed the recent /e/ OS version (0.23-r-20220413178020-stable-FP4) the default Filemanager (com.android.documentsui) keeps stopping whenever I try to move, copy, delete or compress any file or folder. The app also does not display its own name in the list of installed apps, in the app’s details or in the “… keeps stopping” dialogue (so the dialogue actually says:“wurde wiederholt beendet”).
Now, while writing this, I discovered the app does work as expected when I change the system language from German(DE) to English(US). So I suspect the issue might be connected to the localized string of the app’s name or localization in general.
Has anybody else encountered a similar problem (maybe also with other system languages set) and maybe even a solution?

Problem: com.android.documentsui keeps stopping when moving/copying/deleting/compressing any file or folder.
Device details:

  • FP4 5G (manually flashed /e/ OS 0.22-r)
  • /e/ OS version: 0.23-r-20220413178020-stable-FP4 (updated OTA)
  • System language: German (DE)
  • Bootloader: Locked

Failed troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart the device
  • Force stop, clear cache and clear userdata of com.android.documentsui
  • Factory reset the device

Current workaround: Set system language to English (US).

Cheers everyone

Edit: Well, I should have checked the Gitlab issues first: "Files" app crashes upon delete (#5218) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab