FP4 > E/OS flashing get's stuck at 'modem' (RESOLVED)

Seems that the issue was/is related to a conflict between easy-installer and the already available ADB and fastboot on the PC. Installing easy-installer on another Ubuntu box (same version but recently installed from scratch) worked lik a charm :slight_smile:

------------------------ Resolved --------------------
Hi There,
I have a question relating to the installation of e/os on a FP4 device.

I am on a Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS, have installed the easy-installer snap but also have adb and fastboot.
(apt in the terminal says: adb is already the newest version (1:10.0.0+r36-9). fastboot is already the newest version (1:10.0.0+r36-9).)

I went thru the various hoops to get into the boot loader.
All goes fine until the flashing of the device.

The script get’s stuck after this:

Last line from the log file:
2023-05-24 21:29:51,583 DEBUG [Thread-40] e.e.i.t.CommandExecutionTask [null:-1]
(debug)flashed dsp

when is starts with the ‘modem’.

Whether I flash with the easy-installer or thru fastboot directly (downloading the latest stable file) makes no difference.

Any ideas/suggestions?