FP4 /e/OS upgrade notification possible?

I would very much like to be informed about system upgrades. In the moment I have to look on the “Aktualisierungsprogramm” page from time to time. Any hint?

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Downloads for the FP4

  • /e/OS build : S dev (Security patch: 2023-05-05)
  • /e/OS build : S stable (Security patch: 2023-05-05)

it is normal that notification comes a few days after the release, that allow enthousiastic user to test before the notification comes.

I’m getting notifications on my Fairphone 3 once new updates are available.

Is anything looking suspicious for you in Settings - Apps - See all … apps - (3 dot menu) - Show system - Updater - Notifications?

You can set the phone to English, look something up or follow some steps etc., and then set it back to German :wink: .
Settings - System - Languages & input - Languages - (add English here or if it’s there but not in the first position just long-tap and drag it there)

I followed the suggestions and found “Alarms&reminders” and allowed it. I wonder, if it works next time. Hope never dies.
Thanks for help

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