FP4: easy installer did not lock bootloader after installation, should i lock the bootloader manually after using e os already?

Hello everyone,
I have a question.

I used the easy installer to install e os on my Fairphone 4 and it worked almost perfectly. But after it installed e os it did not lock the bootloader, I think the app crashed or something. I didn’t realize that at the time and just started using e os on that device.

I already checked fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability and it returned 1.

Should I lock the bootloader manually, like in the instructions,


even after using the os or should I do something else?

Thanks in advance.

Changing the bootloader status on the FP4 (in both directions: locking or unlocking) always triggers a factory reset, so it will reset the device to your operating system in “unused” state, any personal data of yours and anything else you added after booting the current OS for the first time will be erased. In your case, it will reset the device to /e/OS.

Locking the bootloader is recommended for security reasons, it makes it much harder for someone getting access to your device without your authorization.

On the other hand, it will also make it much harder for yourself to get your device working again should you, for whatever reason, be unable to properly boot your device and pass your own security mechanisms.

So you need to determine which risk is worse in your eyes.

Right now, the bootloader status will not make a difference to the basic functionality of /e/OS.


Thanks for explaining what I have wondered since I started with /e/OS!

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Hi and thanks for this topic and answers.

I had exacty the same problem when installing E/OS on my fairphone. I don’t know why I didn’t manage to lock the tootloader after having installed E/ with Easy Installer.
I understand anyway that relocking the bootloader manualy will now erase all datas from my Fairphone. Maybe I will do it (after having backed up all my datas).

Anyway, is it better to desable “OEM unlocking” in the developper section if I let the boolader unlocked ?

You’ll probably run into this problem (I suppose this is the reason why Easy Installer does not relock the bootloader atm):

No. It IMHO doesn’t help anything as long as bootloader is unlocked - and disabling it hard bricks your device in case anything goes wrong while locking the bootloader.


Ok, many thanks, ff2u, for your answer. :+1:


You’re welcome. As additional information, an imho nice summary of things to consider security wise can be found here:


Thanks again.
This link is very interesting and clear.

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Hello. This whole thread brought up a good point I never even really thought about. I put e on my FP4 my self using the original instructions before the easy installer was finished. Now i cannot remember if I locked the bootloader when I was done. Is there a way to check with just the phone itself? Thanks!

Just reboot your phone and check if there’s a message (on the first screen when booting) about the unlocked bootloader. If there isn’t then your bootloader is locked.


I have not seen that message! Appreciate the quick answer!

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